​​​​​We live, work, and play in Wichita.

Our kids go to school with your kids.

We are lawyers with big firm experience who ditched the the old model to reinvent the wheel. And we made it better.

Fees, generally

We will tell you exactly how much the service will cost.

We will tell you exactly what you're going to get.

We will tell you exactly how the service will benefit you.

We will tell you exactly how the project is progressing.

Fees, specifically 

We provide first-rate legal services on a flat-rate basis.  

We don't start the clock every time you call or email.  We don't make any more money if the project becomes more complicated.

We're not financially incentivized to drag the project out. 

Each case is different, but here's a reference point.

  • Basic estate plan: $750 per couple.  
  • Basic estate plan + revocable trust: $2,000.
  • Single member LLC formation: $350.
  • LLC formation + simple operating agreement: $750
  • Non-compete agreements: $350.
  • Non-disclosure agreements: $350.
  • Evictions: $350.
  • Consultations: $350.

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