Core Philosophy #1:

Core philosophies

Your net worth is far, far more than the dollars and cents.  Sure, we need to plan for the transfer of financial wealth, but if we don't consider the rest of the picture, we can inadvertently create a plan that actually causes problems with both the financial and non-financial components.  In your plan, we should strongly consider how your faith, education, experiences, values, worth ethic, and relationships might inform your strategy.

Money is like dynamite.  It's an awesome, powerful tool.  But, too much, at the wrong time, and/or in the wrong hands can be a real problem.  Conversely, not enough won't get the job done.  For each beneficiary, there is a range of appropriate quantities of dynamite.  For example, a young couple with over a million dollars in life insurance might not like the idea of their two young kids inheriting all of the life insurance money outright with no strings attached, plus accumulated savings, in the event of a tragedy. Conversely, an older couple with a million dollars in savings might be thrilled to pass along those assets to their two grown children without any hesitation.

Core Philosophy #2: