THE WILL PACKAGE -- $700 for individuals and $800 for couples

The Will Package includes everything you need to get the basics in place. 

1. Will

  • For naming Guardians, Conservators, Executors, and beneficiaries of assets.

2. Personal Property List

  • For naming beneficiaries of tangible personal property.

3. Financial Powers of Attorney

  • For naming Agents who could speak on your behalf regarding financial matters in the event of disability.

4. Healthcare Powers of Attorney

  • For naming Agents who could speak on your behalf regarding healthcare matters in the event of disability.

5. Declaration a/k/a Living Will

  • For stating your end-of-life wishes.

6. One Transfer on Death Deed

  • For keeping your real estate out of probate. (One TOD deed can usually take care of all the real estate in one county. If real estate is held in separate counties or if other circumstances require additional TOD deeds, there is a $100.00 fee for each additional TOD deed.)

7. Advice regarding the titling of assets to avoid probate.

8. Unlimited emails, calls, and in-office meetings with your attorney during the planning process.

  • Because if you don’t get all your questions answered, you’ll never have the peace of mind that you and your family deserve.


  • You will never see an invoice from us that is greater than the price we’ve agreed to on the front end. GUARANTEED.

THE EXTRA MILE™ -- Package price, plus $1,000

THE EXTRA MILE™ was created for those clients who truly want to get their ducks in a row and know that avoidable headaches will be avoided. It’s for clients that want everything to simply fall into place in the event of death and for assets to transfer without probate. It goes above and beyond the services traditionally offered by estate planning attorneys. It is designed to take your peace of mind to the next level.  THE EXTRA MILE™ includes:

1. Comprehensive asset analysis and detailed, step-by-step instructions for either trust funding or beneficiary designations.

2. Follow up to ensure 100% success in trust funding and/or asset titling.

  • We will follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure each asset has been properly addressed so that probate can be avoided.

3. FREE amendments on all estate planning documents for up to 365 days.

  • Change your mind?  Want to make a quick change? No problem!  We’ve got you covered.

 4. Printed guide and guidance for creating an Ethical Will.

  • In addition to the legally enforceable estate planning documents included in the two estate planning packages, many clients want to leave guidance, advice, stories, and/or other sentiments to their loved ones in an organized and thoughtful manner.  These are often called Ethical Wills.  We’ll give you some tools and guidance to help make your Ethical Will a reality.


  • If you’ve hired us to go THE EXTRA MILE™, you should be able to rest easy knowing that if something did fall through the cracks, it’s our problem – not yours.  If a disclosed asset must be probated, we will provide the probate work for FREE.


The Trust Package includes everything from The Will Package, PLUS:

10. One Revocable Trust

  • These are not just for the super wealthy!  If you (and your spouse) passed away today and all the life insurance, savings, home equity, and other assets went outright to your beneficiaries with no strings attached, would that actually be a blessing to them? Would the assets be safe from potential creditors like divorcing spouses?  Would the sudden inheritance serve them or curse them? Do you want your 18 year old son going off to college with his half of all the life insurance money and savings? Trusts are powerful tools that accomplish an extremely wide variety of planning goals.

11. Certificate of Trust

  • Certificates of Trust are used to open and close accounts, buy, sell, and transfer assets, etc. without having to provide a complete copy of your private Revocable Trust to third parties.

12. Trust Funding Deed

  • These deeds simply transfer your real estate into the Revocable Trust so that the real estate stays out of probate (in lieu of a Transfer on Death Deed). 

13. Assignment of Business Interests to Trust

  • If you own an LLC or other business entity, we can transfer your ownership interests into the trust so that the business can avoid probate.  However, depending on the size and complexity of the business situation, there may still be a need for advanced business succession planning.  If such a need exists, we have an extensive network of business law attorneys that can help ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  This type of business succession planning is provided by other firms, and their fees will apply for the services they render.


Everyone needs a custom estate plan that accurately reflects their wishes, considers their needs, and creates the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their ducks are finally in a row.

We provide two flat-fee estate planning packages that are designed to meet the needs of over 99% of Kansas.  For clients with unique or unusually complex planning needs, we will quote the full price of the work on the front end so that the prices are clear and set – even in unusual situations.

In addition to the flat-fee estate planning packages, we offer a SMOOTH SAILING GUARANTEE ™, which includes additional services and the confidence in knowing that if a disclosed asset must be probated down the road, Legacy Legal, LLC will cover the costs